SMOCO is able to supply alternative fuels to cement plants, instead of traditional fossil fuels.


During the years SMOCO has strengthened important relationships with Italian and foreign cement plants, supplying quality alternative fuels, in the first place end-of-life shredded tires and SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel).

Quality alternative fuels, if conveniently managed, represent an excellent fuel for furnaces of cement plants, environmentally better than the traditional fossil fuels.


In 2011 a study of the Network for Business Sustainability (Canada), in cooperation with the University of Bari, has analyzed dozens of University databases, with the aim of running a review on all the international publications related to the use of alternative fuels in cement plants. More than 110 technical pieces, international research associations and Government organizations reports, University researchers publications, LCA Analysis and so on, have been evaluated as relevant for the purposes of the study. In most cases, the analyzed documents conclude that the chimneys emissions of CO2, NOx, SO2, metals, dioxins and furans are generally lower compared to the operation of the same with fossil fuels.


Maritime carrier

In the transboundary waste shipments procedures, choosing SMOCO as maritime carrier allows..

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Integrated Waste Management

Smoco has implemented a specific management and control system of the whole chain of waste recovery..

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Environmental Consulting

Authorization procedures for waste management plants, notification procedures for transboundary shipments..

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