Smoco has implemented a specific management and control system of the whole chain of waste recovery.


In fact, important groups and leading national consortia entrust us the integrated management of the entire waste cycle: from collection at producers to the processing into main recycling plants until complete recovery of both material and energy.

Smoco uses a highly specialized structure for waste management composed of experienced professionals in the environmental field from both the technical-operational and normative-authorization point of view.


The circular economy, thanks to its systemic and holistic nature, represents a new business model and a new way to see the products and services that replicates the natural life cycle: every end is a new beginning. In nature, death is a possibility of renaissance. In the circular economy, therefore, the products are designed to have a new life thanks to the repair and reconstruction. They can even be transformed into new things, or used as a new resource for other products.


Alternative fuels

SMOCO is able to supply alternative fuels to cement plants, instead of traditional fossil fuels..

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Maritime carrier

In the transboundary waste shipments procedures, choosing SMOCO as maritime carrier allows..

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Environmental Consulting

Authorization procedures for waste management plants, notification procedures for transboundary shipments..

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